Program Details

Program Details


Your 12 week schedule:

Each week we focus on a unique LCHF Endurance related topic and you are provided with a meal plan, educational video, podcast, recommended reading, a collection of resources, and an optional endurance training program.

  • Prep Week - Preparing for LCHF Endurance
  • Week One - Detoxification & the Metabolic Grey Zone
  • Week Two - Building Your Plate
  • Week Three - Satiety, Blood Sugar Control & Personalising Your Meal Plan
  • Week Four - MAF 101
  • Week Five - Gut Health
  • Week Six - The Truth About Saturated Fats
  • Week Seven - Stress & Your Metabolism
  • Week Eight - Carbohydrates Beyond LCHF Endurance
  • Week Nine - Race Week
  • Week Ten - Sports Nutrition
  • Week Eleven - MAF v MET?
  • Week Twelve - Beyond LCHF Endurance

Develop metabolic flexibility to stabilise your blood sugar, burn fat, decrease inflammation and avoid chronic lifestyle diseases.

Say goodbye to carbohydrate drinks, sports gels and running out of fuel before the finish line. 

Join me and thousands of others worldwide and revolutionize the way you train, recover and perform. Ready to join us? Sign up here today

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