LCHF Endurance Experts

LCHF Endurance Experts

Our team of experts are with you every step of the way

LCHF Endurance Experts

We've teamed up with the best in the business to provide you with the expert training, mobility and injury education and sports psychology to keep your body fresh and your mind focused. Our LCHF Endurance Experts are: 

  • Training Expert - Katee Pedicini

    Katee Pedicini, of Holistic Endurance, is a self confessed hormone nerd, with a background in Exercise Science and serious passion for endurance athletes achieving their athletic potential with longevity in mind. 

    She combines her knowledge of physiology, functional movement and testing protocols from her Bachelor of Exercise Science with further research in the fields of hormone health, nutritional medicine and endurance related studies. As a Level 2 Performance Coach, Katee utilises a sophisticated approach, blending the art and science of coaching while focusing on an athlete’s wellness in addition to performance factors. All of which ultimately led her to penning her Ebook: Healing The Grumpy Athlete - Embrace Your Hormones & Achieve Your Athletic Potential. 


  • Mobility & Injury Expert - Dr Ian Northeast

    With millennia of refinement, the human body is an incredibly designed structure. It’s ability to learn and adapt is of such complexity, it’s beyond the scope of science today to completely comprehend. With this phenomenal learning ability comes the problem of learning “pathomechanics” or “dysfunctional movement patterns” which are the underlying cause of the majority of injuries we encounter. The restoration of functional movement is a significant focus of Dr Ian Northeast, chiropractor, when aiding his clients towards getting well and then staying well. 

    Dr Ian has completed a 5 year university degree in human chiropractic and a 2 year postgraduate study in Animal Bio-mechanical Medicine and now practices from Vida Lifestyles in Sandringham, Victoria.

    In his down time Ian is a passionate horseman as well as enjoying learning and practicing quality movement through gymnastics strength training, triathlon and traditional weight training. Coffee and Lune croissants are his weakness.

  • Sports Psychology Expert - Dan Wilson

    Hi! I’m Dan Wilson, I was a professional triathlete and represented Australia for over a decade on the ITU circuit at World Championships and Commonwealth Games level. During the last 2 years of my career, I switched to the non-drafting 70.3 distance and won 8 of my last 11 races, finishing with the Asia Pacific 70.3 Championship title last year.

     In addition to my triathlon career, I’ve got a degree in Applied Science, and more recently completed my Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology). At the moment, I am completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University in Brisbane. My research area uses a biological model of personality to investigate Eating Disorders and associated behaviours, and in my ‘recreational’ research I enjoy looking at the current evidence base looking at the role of fructose in metabolic syndrome.

    On the side, I still enjoy keeping fit, although with far more moderated levels of physical activity than my professional years. I also have a small coffee roasting company with fellow triathlon Pro Josh Amberger, where we are redefining the definition of how small micro-roasteries can actually be….

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