We set the record straight on all your LCHF Endurance related questions


  • How much is my investment for LCHF Endurance?

    Your 12 week program is an upfront payment of $350 or 12 weekly payments of $35. To work with Steph personally you would spend nearly three times as much, so we are extremely pleased to be able to offer you such a personalised program at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one consultations. Steph is with you every step of the way before, during and after LCHF Endurance and the LCHF Endurance team are available Monday to Friday during business hours for questions, support, accountabilty and to share your fat adaptation journey. 

  • Am I locked in to a contract?

    No. We're very sure you're going to love LCHF Endurance but if for some reason you are not satisfied you can cancel within the first seven days of your program.

  • How long do I have access for?

    Forever! Make sure that you come back to LCHF whenever you need. Use it to brush up on your knowledge, take stock, reset or start from the very top. Your meal plans can help you forever, as after all, you can’t go wrong with real food. Just make sure you continue to modify your carbohydrate intake relative to your total output and training intensity. Your training program can be used multiple times – it’s the perfect way to get back into training after a race, and ideal for the off-season to keep your aerobic development ticking along nicely.

    Please note: your prep week starts straight away, on the day you join us. Your official start date is one week from your subscription date. For example: if you sign up on a Wednesday, your preparation week starts on that day and week one starts on the following Wednesday. You will gain access to week one two days prior to commencement.


  • What support is available?

    Please contact info@lchfendurance.com.au and one of our friendly team will be in touch within 24 hours to assist you. If you’ve lost your password, you can simply reset it under your account details at any stage.

  • How do I change my password?

    Easy - just follow the cues from your log-in and then follow the instructions sent to the email address associated with your LCHF Endurance account. Please note: your username is the email address that you used to sign up. 


  • Is my personal information safe?

    The information you provide is private and other members do not have access to this information. The information provided in your tracker is visible only by you and the team here at LCHF Endurance. We do not use any of your information, statistics or progress without your consent. We encourage you to post your successes in our private Facebook community and we will always contact you for your approval before re-sharing any of your personal content. 

    LCHF Endurance is private and secure and we take protecting your privacy and information extremely seriously.


  • What does JERF mean?

    JERF stands for Just Eat Real Food. It's so simple, but it's still so easy to get trapped in convention and be tempted to count calories, eat low fat or fuel off 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour. 

    A very general guide is a total intake of 15-20% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 60-65% healthy fats per day. Nutrition should be extremely relative however, so we are here to teach you how to eat for your individual goals.

    We believe LCHF should be identical to JERF – which means you need to be ready to buck convention, break up with the food pyramid and quit the pasta pasty.

  • Why LCHF?

    LCHF is one of the essential foundations to becoming a fat adapted athlete. When you lower your carbohydrate intake and instead include healthy fats, you train your body to burn fat for fuel and experience a multitude of day-to-day, performance and long-term health benefits, including blood sugar control, satiety, fat loss, metabolic flexibility, glycogen sparing, improved performance and recovery, injury prevention, enhanced immunity, a more efficient metabolism in training and racing, avoidance of gastro-intestinal (GI) distress and prevention of chronic inflammatory conditions.

  • What is fat adaptation?

    Fat adaptation is the metabolic reorchestration from a predominant fuel source of glucose to a predominant fuel source of fat. This is the normal, preferred metabolic state of the human. Before the food pyramid created the obesity epidemic, humans were in a constant yearly cycle of fat adaptation, based on factors such location, climate, season and food supply. The inability to tap into fat reserves is what causes a ‘nutritional bonk’ or ‘hitting the wall’. If you’re an endurance athlete whose splits just get slower and slower during a marathon off the bike or ultra-marathon, you becoming fat adapted means you will never run out of fuel, and you will completely transform your endurance potential.

    "But what if I'm not an athlete?"

    At LCHF Endurance we believe everyone has an inner athlete. The main focus is to transform your metabolism, health and longevity with our unique LCHF and JERF approach. Fat adaptation will help you burn fat, reduce inflammation and feel incredible. And you never know, you may also feel inspired to run your first 5 or 10km!

  • How many meals am I prescribed per day?

    Your meal plan provides breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for your entire 12 week program. There are over 100 recipes in LCHF Endurance and we are confident that you will never get bored! We do often suggest leftovers for lunch the next day (especially mid-week), which is one of our favourite time and cost-saving strategies, so there will be at least four meals on repeat each week. Take a moment to reflect on how many meals you have on rotation now and we're confident your variety (and therefore nutrient diversity) is about to exponentially improve. 

  • Are snacks included in the meal plan?

    Snacks are optional in LCHF Endurance so they are not included in your meal plan, but you can choose one to two snacks/day should you need. Please keep in mind that the more fat adapted you are, the less frequently you need to eat. Our athletes often find that after the first two to four weeks, three meals per day can be more than sufficient. This will always depends on your eating window, training volume and intensity and metabolism, so do your best to practice intuitive eating. One simple strategy is to ask yourself “am I hungry?” before you subconsciously snack on the clock. It is one of the biggest myths of the last five decades that you must snack every two hours to speed up your metabolism - an efficient metabolism is a by-product of becoming metabolically flexible, one of our main goals here at LCHF Endurance. 

  • What if I don’t like a particular meal or food?

    Easy - just follow our swapping guidelines and you can adapt LCHF Endurance to suit your palate. Be mindful that what you enjoy now is a reflection of what you have previous eaten and your gut health, so if there is anything that you try and do not like initially, come back to this in four to six weeks and we are confident you will be pleasant surprised! For more information, our LCHF Swapping Guidelines can be found in your resources section. 

  • But what if I can't cook?

    We've got your back. All of your LCHF Endurance recipes contain minimal ingredients, and if we can make them, so can you! We don’t have any formal kitchen qualifications, just a love of quality and delicious food. We truly believe that if you make your health a priority, you will find the time to prepare healthy food for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Is LCHF Endurance paleo?

    Our JERF approach is very similar to paleo, but here are some foods you may find within a real food template, that wouldn't fit into a strict Paleo approach:
    * Rice malt syrup. As it is made from rice, a grain, it is not an approved Paleo sweetener. We use small amounts of rice malt syrup as it is a fructose free substitute.
    * Goat’s feta. As it is a dairy product, it’s not strictly Paleo. Goat’s milk is a more tolerable form of caesin (A2). If you have a lactose intolerance, you may also find you can tolerate goat’s feta, but this will come down to individual tolerance. 
    * Chickpeas. Legumes (and yes, peanuts are legumes) are not consumed on a Paleo diet, due to the supposed high phytic acid content. Paleo supporters believe this interferes with nutrient absorption, but new research now shows this may only be an issue in situations of poor gut health.

    All LCHF Endurance recipes can easily fit into a balanced paleo template and only minor substitutes will need to be made if you do not consume the above foods.

  • Do the meal plans cater for vegetarian or vegan athletes?

    With over 100 recipes, there are many vegan and vegetarian meals you may wish to substitute, but at this stage we do not have a specific vegetarian or vegan meal plan. We'd love to receive your request though, so please email info@lchfendurance.com.au to register your interest.

  • Can I do LCHF Endurance if I've already worked with The Natural Nutritionist (TNN)?

    Absolutely! Even if you've worked with TNN before you will benefit greatly from LCHF Endurance - it’s the perfect way to get back into training after a race, and ideal for the off-season to keep your aerobic development ticking along nicely.


  • Is LCHF Endurance just for beginners?

    No - LCHF Endurance is for anyone wanting to enhance their fat adaptation. Even if you think you are fat adapted, our structured 12 week process will really help you take your health, metabolism and perfomance to the next level. Our 'Race Ready' program will prepare you perfectly for the next event on your calendar and this program is also very suitable for advanced athletes. If you are preparing for a race, you will ideally start your program 13 weeks out from your race, to allow time for your prep week and so that your taper week is timed the week prior to race day. 

  • What is MAF?

    MAF stands for Maximum Aerobic Function and is a training method design by Dr Philip Maffetone. By developing your maximum aerobic function you can lose body fat, increase energy, extend your athletic performance, and become a fat adapted athlete. Please read more here: https://philmaffetone.com

  • My MAF pace is so slow - can I modify my MAF heart rate?

    The honest answer is that you need to stick to MAF principles at <MAF HR and you should see results within 4 weeks/by your next repeat test. Many of us start at 10+ min/km but with consistency can increase to walk/running following by jogging, followed by running. We encourage you to stick to the program as closely as you can for the next 12 week. Just make sure you choose a flat course that is protected by the elements so that you can repeat your MAF test under very similar conditions each time. 

  • What training level should I choose?

    Please use the criteria under 'Selecting your training level' here: Select your training level. You may not meet all criteria perfectly, and it is most important that you choose the level which matches your current level of running first. For example, you may be able to ride 90 minutes on the road comfortably but if you are still walk/running, please select level one. If you have a race within 12-15 weeks (ideally 13), please ensure you select level four. If you are unsure, please contact info@lchfendurance.com.au and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist. 

  • What if I already have a Coach or program?

    Great, as LCHF Endurance will work well in conjunction with your personalised program. You will benefit greatly from our food, macronutrient balance, meal plans, education and resources. The only thing you may need to modify is adding a small amount of complex carbohydrates to any meal that you eat within the hour after high intensity training. Simple examples include one piece of fruit or half to one cup of sweet potato.

  • But what if I'm not at athlete?

    At LCHF Endurance we believe everyone has an inner athlete. If you do not wish to use our training program that is absolutely fine, but we are confident that the nutrition and education component of LCHF Endurance is perfect for you. There are one or two weeks where we discuss more specific endurance fuelling that may not directly apply to you, but there will be so much that you learn overall, both via the program and our online community. We look forward to having you as part of LCHF Endurance.

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