LCHF Endurance

LCHF Endurance


LCHF is one of the essential foundations to becoming a fat adapted athlete.

Fat adaptation is the metabolic reorchestration from a predominant fuel source of glucose to a predominant fuel source of fat. This is the normal, preferred metabolic state of the human. Before the food pyramid created the obesity epidemic, humans were in a constant yearly cycle of fat adaptation, based on factors such location, climate, season and food supply. Consider the following:

  • Fat adaptation means you can effectively burn stored fat for energy throughout the day. Even the leanest person who weighs 60kg with 10% body fat, has 6kg of fat or 6000g, which at 9 calories/gram is 54,000 calories to potentially access.
  • Fat adaptation also means you can rely more on fat for energy during exercise. This offers a glycogen sparing effect, so this fuel (carbohydrate stored in the muscle) is available to support high intensity exercise, where it is most required.
  • For endurance athletes, this is most significant. The inability to tap into fat reserves is what causes a ‘nutritional bonk’ or ‘hitting the wall’. If you’re an endurance athlete whose splits just get slower and slower during a marathon off the bike or ultra-marathon, you becoming fat adapted means you will never run out of fuel, and you will completely transform your endurance potential.

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