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It's time to revolutionise the way you train, recover and perform.

12 week program
Per week
Or a one off payment of $200

Are you ready to become fat adapted?

What you receive:
  • 12 weeks of LCHF meal plans, all designed with the specific macronutrient breakdown required to become fat adapted;
  • Weekly shopping lists, designed to save you time and money;
  • Weekly education, videos and resources to teach how to develop metabolic flexibility and keep you on track for your program and beyond;
  • Access to a private Facebook community, including regular contact with Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist;
  • An optional 12-week endurance training (run or triathlon) program, to teach you to train smarter, not harder;
  • Sports nutrition and fuelling guides to teach you how to quit gels and carbohydrate loading forever.

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Our foundation is a unique lower carbohydrate, higher fat (LCHF) and just eat real food (JERF) approach. We teach you how to develop metabolic efficiency for everything from fat loss to qualifying for Kona or the top level of your chosen sport. We have proudly helped the largest number of people become fat adapted worldwide.


As LCHF Endurance we strongly believe that LCHF should be identical to JERF – which means you need to be ready to buck convention, break up with the food pyramid and quit the pasta pasty. Real food is the answer to your performance, recovery, fat adaptation and athletic longevity.


Conventional endurance training would have you overtrained, injured, fatigued and on your way to complete burnout. At LCHF Endurance we use Phil Maffetone's MAF Method, to transform your aerobic energy system, all while getting you leaner and faster. Training smarter not harder really is the way forward.

Example Recipes (there are over 100 unique recipes in our program)

Low Carb Smoothie Bowl
Baked Eggs
Berry & Coconut Chia Pudding
Vegie Abundance Bowl
Steak with Beetroot & Orange Salad
Super Easy Chicken Stir-Fry wtih Cauliflower Rice

Simple Affordable Pricing Lifetime Access

12 week program
Per week
Or a one off payment of $200

Are you ready to become fat adapted?


Get real results

Be personally guided by Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist and become a real food, fat adapted athlete. You really can transform the way your train, recover and perform in just 12 weeks.

Eat more, train less

Say goodbye to calorie counting and low fat foods and learn how to eat to develop metabolic efficiency. We'll teach how to train smarter, not harder so endurance training can be a hobby, not a chore or full time job.

Simple pricing structure

You can choose to pay up front or per week, the choice is yours.


LCHF Endurance Sucess Stories

  • “I started working with Steph about 18 months ago and in that time I have dropped around 10kg while also dramatically improving my endurance performance. This was done through education and gaining a better understanding of what I put into my body and the effects that has with satiety, energy and overall wellbeing. I completed in the NZ Ironman in 2017 and went from a back of pack athlete to the top 15% of my age group, in 6 months. I also consumed less than 50% of the nutrition I previously used in endurance events, which also in turn improved the GI issues I used to suffer from.”
    Peter A Triathlete

  • "Within 8 weeks of LCHF I had lost 3kg, was sleeping better, had more energy and was faster! I completed my half marathon with a personal best (PB) of just over 4 minutes and my full marathon with a PB of 20 minutes! A month after my full marathon I completed the Marysville Ultra Trail Run (50km) inside 7 hours. I did it all as a fat adapted athlete. The impact on my fitness, wellbeing and recovery has been life-changing. I have honestly never felt fitter or healthier in my life."
    Keely J Runner

  • "I have enjoyed training and racing under LCHF principles, first hand witnessing how being fat adapted has provided me with access to energy, favourable changes in body composition & experiencing great results in my first season of triathlon sprint racing. After spinal surgery earlier this year, my focus changed to one of optimum recovery, applying LCHF Endurance to support the rebuilding of my gut health, reducing inflammation & preparing my mind and body for the return to triathlon."
    Jacqueline M Triathlete

  • "Since my time with LCHF Endurance, I have seen significant improvements in my race times. My recovery after events is much improved, allowing me to start training for my next event in a much faster timeframe. An added benefit was reduced anxiety levels, of knowing that I can go into training or events & I don’t have to worry about nutrition."
    Brenda H Triathlete

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